The Rats of Tobruk

For these WWII veterans, being called a rat is a compliment!

The Rats of Tobruk Association is named after the Australian soldiers who fought bravely in the Siege of Tobruk in Libya. Forced to endure eight long months in dug-outs, caves and crevasses like rats, they withstood constant enemy fire, searing heat and bitter dust storms. Affectionately naming themselves after their circumstance, the soldiers became a source of inspiration at the height of the conflict.

In the years after the war, the Rats of Tobruk Association has become a place for veterans to connect, share stories and continue their famous mateship. When it came time for the Victorian chapter to sell their Albert Park meeting hall, they donated the $1.5 million proceeds to the RCH.

Held in perpetuity, this generous donation established the annual Rats of Tobruk Neurology Fellowship. The Rats of Tobruk Fellow is an applied training position for up-and-coming neurologists. With a shortage of paediatric neurologists in Australia, this role provides a valuable education opportunity and offers an additional resource for the busy inpatient and outpatient neurology facilities at the RCH. So far, seven Rats of Tobruk Fellows have advanced their neurology experience and
contributed to great care at the hospital.

We thank the Rats of Tobruk for their ongoing support of RCH Neurology.