Thank you to Yugoslav-Australia Youth Folk Ansamble Vojvodina Inc.

In an extraordinary act of generosity, the well-established cultural club has gifted its Albion Park hall to The Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) Foundation. The gift has been planned for a long time and in fact was written into the association’s founding document.

Gathering recently at the hospital, founding members recalled how they started the club as a group of friends in the 1980s to keep a strong sense of cultural identity while living in a new country. Under the leadership of a dynamic committee, the club has provided a wide range of social and cultural activities for its members and their community. Though the property has changed hands, there will be very little change for members. The club will continue its use through an agreement with the Foundation for up to 15 years, eventually allowing the property to be sold to help the hospital.

‘’Your compassionate decision will create a lasting legacy in the lives of children cared for here in years to come,’’ said Sue Hunt, Chief Executive Officer of the RCH Foundation. ‘’Thank you for your wonderful fundraising each year for the hospital, which I know you intend to continue. Especially, thank you for the gift of your Albion Park property to us. Our agreement marks the beginning of a long lasting relationship between our organisations. Your wonderful club will be able to continue its incredible role as a resource for its community, as well as ensuring we have the ability to plan for the future, so the hospital can continue providing world leading care to our children and our children’s children.’’

Members were very impressed with the technology and facilities, made available to the kids thanks to supporters like them, and what they learned during their visit. Speaking on behalf of the group, Mirjana Ponjiger said simply, “We hope our gift will help the children.”

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