Community counts: how your donations make a difference

The support of donors and fundraisers plays a major role in ensuring the RCH can provide the best possible care to patients and their families.

Philanthropy is helping us change the future of children’s health, funding life-saving and life-changing initiatives.

Our new series, Community Counts, will share some of the amazing programs supported by philanthropy and first up is the EOS imaging system.

Thanks to generous participants in the 2011 Run for the Kids, the RCH now owns a $1.2 million EOS imaging system. A radical improvement on standard x-ray machines, the EOS captures two x-rays simultaneously, from which a 3D image of a patient can be generated.

The system uses a unique linear scanning process that eliminates parallax and magnification errors, exposing patients to one tenth of the radiation dose of a standard x-ray.

“The comprehensive images captured by the EOS system reduce the need for additional imaging and are a vital tool for preoperative planning for scoliosis or deformity surgery, and postoperative follow-up and outcome,” said Dr Michael Johnson, Director of RCH Orthopaedics.

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