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Thanks to the generosity of the Victorian community, the RCH Foundation supports the hospital and its campus partners, MCRI and the University of Melbourne Department of Paediatrics, to deliver the paediatric healthcare advances that make this the centre of clinical excellence it is today.

All donations to the RCH are made through the RCH Foundation, which are then directed to the hospital via grants. All staff have the opportunity to apply for a grant. This is done through a formal application process, which is undertaken for all projects and initiatives requesting funds from the RCH Foundation or external funding bodies like philanthropic trusts and foundations.

Priorities for funding are set and driven by the RCH. The RCH Foundation works closely with the hospital to provide sustainable, long-term funding in support of these priorities. All funds raised by and donated to the RCH Foundation are preserved for the purpose of clinical excellence. The projects, initiatives and activities funded by these donations create outcomes that are above and beyond the hospital’s normal day-to-day activities.

The RCH Foundation’s support of the hospital focuses on four key areas:

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The granting process

Before you submit your proposal for funding, please discuss your idea with your manager.


*Applicants submitting a proposal for a non-research application will need to complete an RCH Expression (EOI)Applicants submitting a proposal for a non-research application will need to complete an RCH Expression of Interest (EOI) form.

Please download and edit a local version of the EOI template. This template is designed to support a structured conversation with your Chief/Executive Director before you progress to completing a full proposal form.

A completed EOI, including the signed template and assessment rubric must be uploaded before you can progress to the proposal form. Exceptions will be managed via the RCH CEO, relevant Chiefs and Divisional Executive Directors separately.

If you require assistance with or have feedback regarding the RCH EOI process, please contact the Strategy Team at [email protected].


*MCRI and University of Melbourne applicants please seek internal approval from management prior to starting this process. MCRI Research and MCRI administered proposals must undergo an internal approval process. For full details please contact [email protected]. Note: your enquiry must be received at least 6 weeks ahead of intended submission date.



For queries regarding the RCH review and endorsement of grant proposals, please contact the Strategy Team at [email protected]

For any other grants queries, please contact the RCH Foundation Grants Team:

[email protected]


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The grant proposal process
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