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From the heart of the city to the tiniest of towns, communities come together to generously support The Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) through the Good Friday Appeal.

Since 1931 the Good Friday Appeal has contributed more than $400 million to support ground-breaking research, purchase life-saving equipment, provide ongoing education and training for hospital staff and focus on family-centred care.

The success of the Appeal is thanks to generous partners, supporters and each and every person who attends an event, runs a fundraiser and puts their hand in their pocket to Give for the Kids.

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This year’s Good Friday Appeal features two little ambassadors, Emily and Finley, patients at the RCH. 

Emily and Finley have been patients at the RCH since they were very young. They have both received life-saving treatment from the RCH team, Emily for the cancer in her brainstem and Finley for his severe spina bifida.

Ten-year-old Emily has a rare type of brain tumour called a ganglioglioma. The location of the tumour is not only the most difficult part of the brain to operate on, it’s also the most dangerous as it controls everything her body does. Emily is likely going to have this tumour for the rest of her life. Despite this, she takes it all in stride with the help of her family and her care team at the RCH.

At just two years old, Finley had a roller-coaster start to life after being born with myelomeningocele, a severe form of spina bifida. In his short life, Finley has undergone four major surgeries, amongst countless MRIs, X-rays, scope studies and other diagnostic tests. He is currently fed through a nasogastric tube, as he awaits yet another surgery to insert a feeding tube into his stomach, but he remains an incredibly positive young boy and proud big brother to his sister, Lilah.

Your donations can help provide lifesaving care to children like Emily and Finley.

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Emily’s story