Our mission

Our mission

The people of Victoria love the RCH and want it to be the best. We inspire our community to invest in the hospital’s future by supporting care, treatment, research and learning that will improve the lives of young people and their families.

Our vision

We are the RCH Foundation and we are changing the future of children’s health. Our vision is that the RCH, founded in philanthropy, supported now and into the future, will have the capacity to transform healthcare for children and young people.

Our values

  • we show integrity in all our interactions, being moral, ethical, honest, transparent and trustworthy
  • we display humility, being modest, not self-important; confident in dealing with others
  • we show gratitude and appreciation for the efforts of our donors and our colleagues
  • we are compassionate, showing empathy in our dealings with each individual
  • we are inclusive and respectful. We show loyalty and understanding
  • the result of these values translates into action. We are known for delivery on our commitments.