Our mission

Our mission

We inspire our community to invest in the hospital’s future by supporting care, treatment, research and learning that will improve the lives of young people and their families.

Our vision

We are The Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) Foundation and we are changing the future of children’s health. Our vision is that the RCH, founded in philanthropy, supported now and in the future will have the capacity to transform health care for children and young people.

Our Impact

The hospital will become a global centre of excellence in the care and treatment of the sickest and most vulnerable children and young people. With the support of integrated research programs, great academic leadership and first class staff, it will truly be known for its impact on childhood diseases nationally and internationally.

Our values

Moral, Ethical, Honest, Transparent and Trustworthy
We show integrity in all our interactions.
We build trust with our communities by being transparent and by respecting our donors, suppliers and colleagues.

Gratitude and appreciation guide what we do
We are grateful to work in an organisation where young lives are being changed.
We appreciate the generosity of our donors, the support of our colleagues and the respect of our community.
We are grateful for the love the community demonstrates for our children.

Change and creativity are central to who we are
We empower each other to explore new ways to innovate and change.
We support medical innovation and we enable the RCH to break new ground.

Beyond best practice
We hold ourselves to the highest standard.
We are professionals in our field with a burning desire to pursue excellence.
Our action orientation coupled with reflective practice drives growth and leads to significant impact for the hospital and our donors.