Workplace giving supports great RCH care

Philanthropy has always played a vital role in the hospital’s development and Workplace Giving is a wonderful example of community generosity.

We are so thankful to both the businesses that support the RCH through Workplace Giving and the employees who generously make pre-tax donations to help the hospital.

In the 2015/16, Workplace Giving funded two important areas of the hospital: Wadja Aboriginal Family Place and the Children’s Bioethics Centre.

Wadja Aboriginal Family Place at the RCH has been specifically designed to improve health outcomes for Aboriginal children and young people by providing a culturally sensitive and responsive service to Aboriginal patients and their families. Wadja Aboriginal Family Place includes a team of four Aboriginal Case Managers, a Nurse Coordinator and an Aboriginal Team Leader, all designated Indigenous roles. The service also includes two non-Aboriginal sessional paediatricians and a half time registrar.

This team provides cultural, social and practical support to reduce the barriers which negatively impact on families’ capacity to engage with healthcare services. The service also includes the Wadja Health Clinic which is a weekly general medical clinic for Aboriginal children and young people, and their families.

The RCH Children’s Bioethics Centre (CBC) is committed to improving children’s lives through promoting the rights and responsibilities of children and their families in healthcare. This is achieved by resolving ethical conflict, facilitating communication and easing moral distress.

Most decisions about medical treatment for children are straightforward. However, some situations are complex and difficult. If potentially life-saving treatment can be detrimental, or the chance of success low, is it right to prescribe that form of treatment? What if parents and doctors have differing views? These are the moral and ethical dilemmas the CBC navigates. Through providing advice and support in decision-making in challenging situations, the CBC helps ensure that the best possible decision is made.

Maximising the impact

Workplace Giving supports amazing initiatives at the RCH, but there’s always more to be done. Here are ways to maximise the impact your Workplace Giving program makes:

  • Moving on up: a small increase to your donation makes a big difference to the hospital
  • Phone a friend: tell a colleague about Workplace Giving and how easy it is to support the RCH
  • The perfect match: ask your employer to double the impact and match employee donations
  • Save the date: celebrate Workplace Giving Month in June with your colleagues

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