A great amazing race to help the hospital

Thanks to Uplift Events, Victorians have run, hula hooped and saved teddy bears to support sick kids at the RCH.

The Great Amazing Race has been Melbourne’s ultimate urban adventure race and one of the biggest RCH fundraisers for six years. During that time, the event has raised $149,249 to support ground-breaking research, innovative equipment and great patient care at the hospital.

Some of the projects supported by the Great Amazing Race include:

  • Music Therapy for children with brain injuries and neurological disorders. Music Therapy uses the power of song to help RCH kids process their hospital experiences, manage their pain and discomfort, and find joy in difficult situations.
  • One of Australia’s largest childhood health studies. A collaboration between the RCH and Murdoch Childrens Research Institute, the study assesses the core physical health of 4,000 children as they grow, helping Australian healthcare professionals better predict, prevent and manage health problems later in life.
  • An oxygen saturation monitor for the RCH Paediatric Intensive Care Unit. The monitor is an important addition to life support machinery, providing more accurate monitoring for children in critical care.

All of this is possible thanks to the ongoing support of Uplift Events and people like you. Thank you for making the Great Amazing Race such a success.

Fundraise for the RCH