The My RCH app is here

My RCH is the latest app to join the RCH digital space.

This app is an interactive guide designed to help patients and families know what to expect during their stay and how to get around the hospital.  By helping families get acquainted with the RCH, the app can ease some of the stress and anxiety families feel when their child is admitted to the hospital.

The app, made possible thanks to generous community support, takes users on a journey through each ward by showing specific room and ward features. It includes descriptive information and introduces the various healthcare professionals a child may meet during their stay.

This visual guide also includes photos, illustrations and educational videos.

Key features include:

  • Ward specific guides including features of each hospital room, what to expect on your ward, helpful information about the people you meet, where to find things you need, meal times, visiting hours and things to do
  • Hospital information including maps to help you find you way around the RCH, helpful resources, useful tips for car parking, laundry, WiFi, activities, shops and accommodation
  • Community information including maps, public transport, shopping, banks and more.

Benefits of the app

My RCH replaces the old printed ward guide booklets located in patient rooms, reducing the need for expensive printing. The app can travel with the patient or be taken around the hospital rather than being left in the room.

New patients and families to the hospital can download and gather information before their admission and can orientate themselves before arriving. The app can also be used by new staff to orientate themselves to the hospital.

Click below to be taken directly to the download pages. If you’d like to share any feedback, you’re welcome to email [email protected].

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