Finnan’s Gift supports RCH cardiac surgery

This week Olympic gold medallist Alisa Camplin-Warner and her husband Oliver presented the RCH Cardiac Surgery Unit with a $150,000 cheque for a state of the art surgical camera system.

The Karl Storz Vitom and Camera System is an innovative piece of equipment which records operating procedures in full high-definition. It is also able to take still photos in theatre that will be used to provide vital imagery and training to surgeons and clinical staff, both during and post-surgery.

Raising over $1.85 million for the RCH since 2011, the Camplin-Warners began their fundraiser, Finnan’s Gift, after their son Finnan passed away from congenital heart disease at just 10 days old.

“Since 2011 Finnan’s Gift has funded numerous pieces of state of the art equipment and invested in advanced training through scholarships which have directly improved the care of cardiac patients at the RCH.

“In 2018 our fundraising will support an Australian first Cardio-Oncology Service for children with paediatric cancer at the RCH.  This will assist in the identification, tracking and management of children who are at risk heart damage as a result of oncology treatment,” said Alisa.

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