Good things are on the cards for Brooke

Five years ago an innocent game turned serious when Brooke hit her head on the living room floor.

Though paramedics said she was alright, Brooke’s parents knew otherwise and stayed up all night watching her.

“It was clear something was really wrong, so the following day we took her to our GP,” said mum Kristy. “The scans confirmed that Brooke had a fractured skull and bleeding on the brain. She was rushed to the RCH immediately.”

Brooke spent two weeks at the RCH until the bleeding in her brain stabilised, but this was only the start of her recovery. Following the injury Brooke was constantly “sleepy and muddled” and missed most of her Grade 1 year. Brooke soon developed anxiety and began to experience intense migraines.

As a result of her experience at the RCH, Brooke was keen to give back and help other children like her affected by brain injuries and those with neurological conditions. She decided to fundraise by doing what she does best: designing and making greeting cards.

“I think about my lovely nurses and my doctors and I am very thankful that I had such nice people looking after me.”

“So I decided to make cards to earn money for the hospital so they can help other children,” said Brooke.

So far Brooke has raised over $600 with her handmade cards and plans to continue her creative fundraising.

“We’ve always taught Brooke that if something bad happens to you, you turn it into something good and she really has,” said Kristy.

Fundraise for the RCH