Vale Fred Aumann, Templestowe Auxiliary supporter

In late 2016, the RCH Foundation received a $1.1million bequest from Fred Aumann.

This generous gift was thanks to Fred’s longstanding connection to the Templestowe Auxiliary.

Fred was the eldest son of David and Hilda Aumann, who owned orchards in Templestowe. Fred’s mother was an early member of Templestowe Auxiliary for a time, as was his sister in law, Pat, who still donates to the Auxiliary. Although Fred eventually left the Templestowe area for Gippsland, his family’s connection to the Auxiliary made a significant impression on him.

In accepting Fred’s generous bequest, the RCH Foundation wished to acknowledge his connection to the Templestowe Auxiliary and the support his family has given to the RCH over many generations. A gift of $100,000 from Fred’s bequest was transferred to the Templestowe Auxiliary.

“When we told our members about the $100,000 donation from Fred’s bequest they were just blown away. We were all so excited,” said Glenda Fraser, President of Templestowe Auxiliary.

“It’s an incredible amount of money and has made for an outstanding annual fundraising total.”

Fred’s family and friends joined Templestowe Auxiliary members for a morning tea and a tour of the hospital earlier this year. Guests were able to reflect on the special connection between the Aumann family and the RCH through the Templestowe Auxiliary. Glenda says this generous gift will help her group accomplish even more over the coming year.

“Thanks to Fred Aumann’s gift, we can now fund even more projects for the hospital. It’s a wonderful incentive for us to keep working hard and supporting the hospital. After 78 years Templestowe Auxiliary is still going strong.”