Supporter spotlight: Kmart

“At Kmart we’re nuts about Christmas, and after working with The Royal Children’s Hospital for many years, we knew that we had to do something extra special for the new hospital. The solution was a nine metre tall Christmas tree!” said Kate Trench-Thiedeman.

Kmart has been bringing the joy of Christmas to children at the RCH for over 10 years.

As an organisation with more than 200 stores across Australia and New Zealand, Kmart is dedicated to giving back to the communities which it’s located in, with children and their families being at the heart of it.

What started as a gift giving exercise has expanded to a full hospital take over. Every year in collaboration with the Pied Pipers and RCH Auxiliaries, Kmart deliver Christmas trees, decoration and cheer to the whole hospital.

Enabling RCH patients to experience the joy of Christmas is something that everyone at Kmart is proud to be a part of.