Supporter Spotlight: McKinnon Secondary College

In one day, McKinnon Secondary College raised $22,141 for the RCH. The school’s 24-7 Relay is a fundraiser where more than 1,320 students run and walk around the school oval in a 24 hour relay.

“The relay brings the whole community together,” said Lauren Mauger, a McKinnon Secondary teacher who co-runs the event. “Students ask friends and family to support them with a donation, parents volunteer, McKinnon Secondary staff supervise and participate, and local businesses donate prizes, money and their time.”

“It’s such a great event and the kids get so much out of it. Also, the charities we support are amazing, so that’s kept me motivated for all these years,” said Callum, a former McKinnon student who’s been helping to organise it for five years.

The decision to make the RCH one of their chosen charities was an easy one. “One of our teachers worked with cystic fibrosis patients at the RCH, and many of our students and their siblings have been cared for by the hospital. We are so proud to raise such a large amount of money to support cystic fibrosis research and hopefully a cure,” said Lauren.

Isabella and Tayga are two of the top fundraisers from the 2016 relay and are passionate about supporting charities like the RCH Foundation.

“I was fortunate to have the support of friends and family, and even a major sponsor, who was extremely generous when contributing to my fundraising,” said Isabella.

“My family has a personal connection to the RCH, so I’m always happy to support the hospital because it’s a really good place to raise money for,” said Tayga.