Supporter spotlight: Ryka

/>Now cancer-free, Ryka Gulati had a reason to celebrate. Following two and a half years of chemotherapy at the RCH, her fifth birthday was a chance for some understandable self-indulgence. Instead Ryka chose to help kids like her. Holding a Giving in Celebration birthday party for the hospital, Ryka asked guests to donate money to the RCH Foundation in lieu of birthday gifts. Ryka’s selflessness raised more than $6,200 for sick kids at the RCH.

Ryka’s mum Vanu has nothing but praise for the medical staff that helped her family.

“The RCH was like our first home for the last three years. Ryka loves her hospital, doctors, nurses, play therapists, music therapists and educators, and wanted to do something for her hospital when her treatment finished. If a five year old can do it anyone can do it.”