Supporter spotlight: the Rosen Family

When their daughter Lily was diagnosed with a heart condition in utero, Paul and Sheryl Rosen’s lives were turned upside down.

“On the final scan they picked up that Lily’s Pulmonary Valve was thickened and narrowed, which was causing abnormally high pressure on her right ventricle. All of a sudden our birth plan changed to ensure Lily was born at a hospital with a newborn intensive care unit,” said Sheryl.

Within three hours of being born, Lily was transferred to the RCH. The following day she underwent a balloon valvuloplasty, in which a heart catheter inserts an inflatable balloon into the valve to stretch it open. Thanks to this procedure and ongoing care, Lily is now a healthy and energetic little girl who loves dancing and playing in her backyard.

“The RCH is amazing. Every member of staff is so caring and knowledgeable, and they’ve done so much to help Lily and us as parents,” said Sheryl.

Wanting to give back to the hospital, Sheryl and Paul established The Rosen Family, Lily’s Gift Travelling Scholarship for General Registered Nurses. This scholarship enables nurse graduates who have demonstrated ability in a field of paediatric nursing to travel overseas for further experience, education or a period of special observation.

“The hospital does so many great things and if we can help perpetuate that, we’re thrilled. This is our way of showing our gratitude for Lily’s care,” said Paul.