Kid’s Health Info Fact Sheets

Every year, millions of parents and caregivers from across Australia and around the world visit the RCH website in search of support and guidance in caring for their children. Now, thanks to funding from the Auxiliaries Legacy Fund, this trusted online health resource is expanding.

Established in 2018, the Auxiliaries Legacy Fund is an endowment to recognise and commemorate RCH Auxiliaries in perpetuity, in honour of the great legacy that its many members have created since 1922. Each year, the Auxiliaries Legacy Fund will support a specific RCH project as it continues to help a wide range of areas and departments within the hospital.

The RCH Kid’s Health Information (KHI) is the first supported project. KHI is a digital resource that hosts more than 370 fact sheets, covers a comprehensive range of medical conditions. These fact sheets provide engaging and reassuring information for those seeking online health advice for their children. Available via the RCH website as well as a specially designed app, visits to the KHI fact sheets exceeded five million in 2017 and accounted for more than a third of all visits to the RCH website. Already, more than 50 new and improved fact sheets have been launched. Features of updated fact sheets include:

  •  A gender-neutral approach to language where possible, to empower all members of the community
  •  A new section called ‘Common questions our doctors are asked’, which adds the unique ability for RCH experts to address common misconceptions in an informal, engaging way
  •  An improved design when printed, resulting in an easier-to-read resource
  • A responsive gap analysis to identify fact sheets that need to be added.
    Measles, Tonsilitis, Verbal Dyspraxia, and Sedation for procedures are some of the latest additions
  •  In future, the project plans to explore the addition of photos, illustrations and other media including video and sound to further increase the helpfulness of the fact sheets.

Support from the Auxiliaries Legacy Fund is helping to ensure that this commanding digital resource can continue to provide responsive, quality health content to a wider audience across multiple digital platforms.

The KHI project team values consumer feedback – if you are interested in reviewing the updated fact sheets, please contact Amber Ledsam.