Meet Belinda

Belinda Russell is a teacher with the RCH Education Institute, a team which is dedicated to bringing the joy of learning to children across the hospital. In collaboration with the child’s regular school, RCH teachers work to develop lessons which are fun and engaging, and also help to keep the child connected to their school and peers. From making slime to folding paper planes, Belinda integrates her background as an art teacher to find new and creative ways to help her students engage.


In five words, tell us why you’re passionate about your work?

Smiles light up my world.


How does philanthropy support your work?

We rely on the support of the RCH Foundation to fund the RCH Education Institute and the teachers it provides. The children who are touched by our service are given the opportunity to escape from whatever is happening in their lives through fun and exciting learning activities. I am so blessed, I have a career where I can make a little person’s life a bit better every day!


What is your favourite holiday memory?

Dargo in Victoria’s High Country, up to my knees in freezing mountain water catching frogs with my best friend Jenny.


What book are you reading right now?

This is hilarious! I am reading the Learners Permit Handbook! I have managed to survive my entire life using public transport and kind souls with wheels, but enough is enough. I am going for my L Plates! (Wish me luck!)


Who is the most influential person in your life?

My beautiful art teacher, Miss Whiteoak. She was the art teacher at my school and really instilled a passion in me for the creative arts. The school I attended was very academic however despite this, she made me feel valued and important. We all have gifts we can offer and I strongly believe the world would be very boring without creativity and art. Miss Whiteoak passed on art skills that I still use in my sessions every day, and I think she would be really chuffed to know I became an art educator because of her!