Way to go, Gillie!

RCH patient Gillie is walking again thanks to the RCH and people like you!

It’s been a long road for Gillie, but one he’s walking easily thanks to life changing care at the RCH. Gillie was born with cerebral palsy which caused the muscles in his legs to tighten and twist inwards, making it difficult for him to take his first steps.

“As a toddler, Gillie would take a couple of steps and then fall down. We just thought he was doing it his own way, but we were referred to the RCH with a bit of uncertainty around what was happening. After a number of tests Gillie was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. To find out your two-year-old may not be able to walk and will undoubtedly be in a wheelchair by the time he’s 18 was crushing,” said mum Sharon.

As Gillie grew, his condition worsened. Gillie underwent intensive physiotherapy and was prescribed assisted foot orthotics to help him walk properly.

You did it!

Thank you for making our end-of-financial-year fundraising campaign a great success!

Through the generosity of caring people like you, we raised more than $185,000 to support vital initiatives that ensure sick children like Gillie continue receiving the world-leading care they rely on. These initiatives include:

  • Improving heart surgery care by introducing the latest theatre monitoring technology.
  • Advancing care for children with development disabilities through clinical and research leadership.
  • Supporting children with missing or malformed hands or arms through a new model of occupational therapy care.
  • Detecting paediatric cancer at its earliest and most curable stage through a specialised cancer genetics service.

Thanks you for helping children like Gillie enjoy their childhoods and look forward to healthier futures.

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