Thank you Kevin Chambers

Now in his 70s, Kevin Chambers has mixed memories of visiting the old Royal Children’s Hospital as a child of five or six.

“I remember having my legs in irons,” he said, “and I remember a toy shop on the corner of Lygon St. Did I stack on a tantrum if I didn’t get a toy!”

Now a father and grandfather, it’s Kevin who is giving the gifts through his plan to give generously to the RCH in his Will.

“My family has been in and out of the hospital over the years,” he said. “My daughter was diagnosed with diabetes when she was two and she’s still soldiering on like a Chambers. My granddaughter Charlotte is a regular visitor and a grandson came in once with a broken arm which interrupted a fishing trip.

“I’ve got a strong belief that adults are shaping the world for kids who don’t really get any say. It’s up to us to make sure they can enjoy what we’ve enjoyed.”

Making the world a better place for children: it’s the defining characteristic of a member of the 1870 Society whose impact will be felt down the generations.

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