Nurse Jed rows for the kids

Every night across The Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) nurses work hard supporting sick and vulnerable children, however for nurse Jed Murphy, the night shift of Thursday 18 April was a little different. Together with his team of four crew members, Jed lead the charge on a 24 hour non-stop rowathon, raising over $18,000 for the Good Friday Appeal.

Jed has been caring for patients and families on Koala for over four years, a ward that is close to the heart for his entire family. When Jed was just a young boy, his older brother Ben was diagnosed with a complex congenital cardiac condition, and spent much of his short 10 years on the Koala Ward, which ultimately included his final days. Despite going through such a traumatic experience, Jed has always been grateful to the RCH, and determined to make a difference for other kids like Ben.

“I have been lucky enough to nurse children with similar conditions as my brother and see them go home in a healthy state,” said Jed. “I understand that this quality of care wouldn’t be possible without the generosity of wonderful people who support and donate on Good Friday, and I know together we can make a great impact”.

Through months of planning and training, and with the help of an essential supporters and team at The Gym Melbourne, the crew of five including Steve Abbott, Sean Anderson, Leigh Murphy, Peter Murphy took on this epic challenge with courage and determination.

“The 24 hour row for kids was one the most physically and mentally challenging things we have done. There were some dark hours in the night when all we wanted to do was stop and sleep, the body was hurting but our team stuck together and got each other through. Through out the whole thing I really could feel that my big brother Ben was looking down on us and helping us through,” said Jed.

The incredible challenge was met with wonderful support from family, friends and the community, with Jed’s initial fundraising goal of $10,000 being well and truly surpassed.

“To raise over $18,000 for such a wonderful hospital that is so close to me in many ways was really so amazing! The generosity and support we’ve received from our friends, family and people who we did not know but got behind us is so overwhelming, and it fills our hearts with joy and pride that the money we raised will go towards helping the lives of young children and newborns who need a chance to live,” said Jed.


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