RAPID model of care

The Royal Children’s Hospital Emergency Department (ED) is one of the busiest in the state, treating up to 300 patients on any given day.

With over 86,140 presentations in 2017-18, the RCH ED responds to a range of complex clinical situations and often responds to the state’s biggest emergencies. Through support from the Good Friday Appeal, the ED is trialing a new model of care. The Rapid Assessment, Planning, Investigations and Discharge (RAPID) program is designed to support senior staff and streamline care by initiating consultations in the waiting room.

This pilot program will see the RAPID team, comprised of a paediatric emergency physician as team leader, nurse practitioner, junior doctor and nurse, initiate consults and care plans in the waiting room of the ED, to streamline communications and patient care. The program aims to reduce patient wait times, enhance patient access and improve communication with families.

Following the success of the pilot program, RAPID is receiving ongoing funding from the RCH Foundation.