The Betty Cosgrove Endowment supports the Children’s Bioethics Centre

At the opening of the 11th National Paediatric Bioethics Conference on Wednesday 4 September, John Stanway announced the Children’s Bioethics Centre will be funded by the Betty Cosgrove Endowment.

Betty passed away in 2016 and left her entire estate to the benefit of The Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH). As trustees for Betty’s significant gift, the RCH Foundation gave careful thought to how her generosity could have an enduring impact on the lives of our patients, and it was decided the Children’s Bioethics Centre was a very worthwhile cause.

Some of Betty’s friends were able to join us for the special announcement and were very proud of that fact that her incredible generosity will have a transformational impact on generations to come. From them we learned that Betty was a strong, fiercely independent woman, who cared deeply about her family. She had a love for children and enjoyed the lively, caring neighbourhood of her home in Middle Park.

John Stanway said, “the overwhelming generosity and kindness of Betty’s bequest, gives us an indication of the incredible woman she must have been.”


Andrew Shelton, RCHF Board; Glenys Rush and Justine May – family friends of Betty Cosgrove; Andrew Long

David Cartlidge, Glenys Rush, Belinda Nicholl, Justine May – family friends of Betty Cosgrove