Meet Herah

Herah Hansji is helping to advance the diagnosis of brain tumours as the Marcus Rosin Molecular-Neuro-Oncology Research Coordinator.

Through her work, Herah is helping to enrol patients in the AIM Brain and MNP molecular studies, which are focused on characterising all brain tumours using advanced genomics and epigenomics. Since opening in 2018, more than 50 patients have enrolled in these studies.

“We know that with traditional pathology, even with the best teams, we still have a misdiagnosis error rate of around 20-30 per cent due to huge intervariability between clinicians. In the short time we’ve had access to new diagnostic techniques through the AIM Brain study, we’ve seen a change in diagnosis in around 15 per cent of cases, which makes a big difference in how we can care for the children,” said Jordan.

Thanks to support from the Children’s Cancer Foundation and the Marcus Rosin Memorial Fund, more patients can access the new trials and advanced diagnostics thanks to the appointment of a dedicated AIM Brain and MNP Clinical Trials Coordinator.

After working in academic research labs studying cancer from a molecular perspective, I wanted to transfer that theoretical knowledge into research that had a direct impact on patients. Working at The Royal Children’s Hospital has been a great experience. I’m currently working as a study coordinator on trials that focus on the development of personalised therapies for children with cancer in Australia. It’s really exciting to be a part of research that takes cutting edge research from the lab and seeing it translated into clinical practise,” said Herah.