Meet Rebecca

Rebecca Sgambellone is helping patients access life changing treatment as the Zoe Stanley Phase 1/2 Solid and Brain Tumour Clinical Trails Coordinator.

Supported by Zoe’s Fight and the Robert Connor Dawes Foundation, the Zoe Stanley Clinical Trials Coordinator is helping to enrol patients in phase 1 and 2 clinical trials to access novel drugs and treatments specifically designed to fight their tumours.

“The AIM and PRISM trial allows us to take the results from cutting-edge international studies . Through the support of Zoe’s fight and the RCD foundation we can take these results and apply them to the treatment of children through the new trials we have been able to open since Rebecca joining our team. Being able to trial new drugs, in new combinations can go a long way in extending the quality of life for our patients,” said Jordan.

“Thanks to the RCH Foundation, I have been given the opportunity to be involved in the work done at the Children’s Cancer Centre, a renowned leader in the research and treatment of childhood cancer. My role as a Study Coordinator has enabled me to learn about early phase oncology clinical trials, diagnoses and treatments and work within a multidisciplinary team, passionate about providing excellent patient care and enhance quality of life and improve outcomes. What I like most about my role is seeing the direct impact of research being translated in the clinical setting, knowing that we are working toward better treatment options that will potentially reduce adverse consequences of treatment and improve quality of life,” said Rebecca.