Artists announced for Me and UooUoo: The RCH150 Anniversary Art Trail

Creativity and colour will mark the 150th anniversary of The Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) with the help of 100 Australian artists taking part in Me and UooUoo: The RCH150 Anniversary Art Trail.

The cross-section of creatives, including First Nation artists, street artists, sculptors, painters and up-and-coming talent have started bringing their UooUoo sculptures to life in warehouses, backyards and creative studios across the nation this week.

Jane Reiseger, Ghostpatrol (David Booth), Josh Muir and Bonsai (Sai Neoh) are some of the artists who are taking part in this spectacular public art project.

Jane Reiseger is an award-winning illustrator who has previously collaborated with the RCH to create the interior graphics throughout the hospital. With a playful, semi-abstract style, Jane is inspired by nature and children and these subjects feature heavily in her work.


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David Booth, known by his pseudonym Ghostpatrol, is a Melbourne based artist who made a name for himself on the walls of Melbourne’s laneways. With a passion for drawing and sketching, his work floats between the worlds of street and fine art.


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Josh Muir is a proud Indigenous man from Ballarat in regional Victoria. Josh draws on the visual language of Indigenous culture to create vibrantly coloured digital prints that also pay homage to hip-hop and street art.


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Sai Neoh, known as Bonsai, is a mural artist based on the Bellarine Peninsula near Geelong. With a love of design, nature and geometry, Bonsai has created murals across Australia and led design projects for products, buildings, interiors and sculptures.


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These artists will be joining previous announced artist Alexander Knox who was commissioned to create UooUoo. Alexander is known by RCH audiences for his much loved sculpture Creature who lives on Main Street at the hospital.

Artist Alexander Knox with UooUoo, in front of his sculpture Creature at the RCH.


The 100 UooUoo sculptures will be sprawled throughout streets, laneways and parks in Melbourne and Geelong, fostering a sense of community to celebrate the hospital’s special milestone year and raise much needed funds for Victoria’s sickest children.

“Me and UooUoo offers the unique opportunity for the community to be involved in celebrating the incredible heritage of this world-leading institution,” said Sue Hunt, Chief Executive Officer of the RCH Foundation.

“Most importantly, it provides a sense of unity and aspiration, so that we can persevere through these challenging times together. We were amazed by the high volume and quality of entries sent in by artists from all across Australia, and now we’re entering the next stage of delivery. The RCH Foundation is so excited, and we can’t wait to bring Me and UooUoo to life in the months ahead.”

Full list of artists


Belinda Aikas

William Ainger

Brett Ashby

Maxime Banks

Shaya Barron

Be Free

Tristan Bennett


Lauren Bester

Nicole Bester

Simon Beuve

Anna Blatman

Jeremy Blincoe and Alex Mulcahy

Vanessa Bong


Russ Brebner

Vair Buchanan

Audrey Buttigieg Cardona

Lillian Carland

Katherine Castle

Joy Chiang

Joyie Choi

Christy Chudosnik

Matthew Clarke

Olivia Collins

Pete Cromer

Caelene D’Arcy

Hayden Dewar

Winnie Dougall

Sharlee Dunolly-Lee


Camilla Eustance

Ashleigh Farrow

Nathan Ferlazzo

The Glad Rappers

Jacklyn Foster

Hannah French

Kubota Fumikazu

Sophie Gaffney-Smith

Deanne Gilson

Luisa Gioffre-Suzuki

Leslie Goldman

Carla Gottgens

Ilanit Gros

Melinda Harper

Melanie Hava

David Higgins

Laine Hogarty

Kathy Holowko

Tegan Iversen


Lukas Kasper

Ralf Kempken

Alexander Knox

Manda Lane

Julee Latimer

Mimi Leung

Mike Makatron

Greg Matthews

Lauren McDonnell

Zara McKenzie

Chris McQuinlan

Carla McRae

Juzpop Creations

Steve Monk

Josh  Muir

Joel “Mulga” Moore

Sascha Muller


Yan Yan Candy Ng

Felicia Nguyen

Holly O’Brien

Jason Parker

Kenny Pittock

Nani Puspasari

Wayne Quilliam

Creature Creature

Jane Reiseger

Abbey Rich

Sam Sae-Sue

Donna Sharam

Tania Smith

Sidney Sprague

Leslie Stanley

Beck Storer

Christopher Strong

Scott Stuart

Charlotte Swiden

Fiona Tweddle and Janie Fearon

Emily Van Der Molen


Liz Walker

Emilie Walsh

Emily Walters

Glen Walton

Patricia Waugh

Brittany Wetherspoon

Alison White

Christie Widiarto

Ru Ying Cai​