How you can support the RCH during COVID-19

“We’re experiencing what is probably the biggest challenge that we’ve ever faced in our 150 year history. Part of the reason we’re in such a good position to prepare and move through that challenge is on account of the contributions that you make,” said Associate Professor Tom Connell, Chief of Medicine at the RCH.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the RCH has had to adapt and change the way they care for patients and their families to ensure the safety of everyone, including staff. From delivering care to patients in the comfort of their own home via telehealth, to creating educational resources for the community, and continuing the education of our patients through remote learning, the RCH has remained committed to providing world-leading care for patients.

One of the ways you can support vital care is by donating to our Tax Appeal. Even though COVID-19 is dominating our lives in many ways at the moment, children at the RCH are still fighting life-threatening diseases like cancer.

Thankfully the RCH is home to a dedicated paediatric Apheresis Service. Through your support of this service, patients with blood cancers and blood disorders access innovative new therapies with life-saving potential.

The Apheresis Service is a critically important part of the RCH, and is only available thanks to your support.

Your generosity is essential in ensuring world leading care for our most vulnerable patients doesn’t stop. Thank you.

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