Thank you Equity Trustees

Equity Trustees and The Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) are two of Melbourne’s longest standing institutions and both share a history steeped in philanthropy. Established as an independent Trustee and Executor company in 1888, Equity Trustees manages one of Australia’s largest philanthropic portfolios and is a passionate steward of support for paediatric healthcare.

Equity Trustees are highly regarded in administering bequests and managing and distributing funds for charitable foundations and trusts, such as the Harry Lyon Moss Trust. Since 1960, this trust has contributed over $50 million to the RCH and has improved the lives of countless patients and their families.

Today, Equity Trustees and the RCH Foundation have a close working relationship as they continue stewarding gifts from the community to support medical research, excellence in leadership and training, state-of-the-art technology and the highest standard of care.

“In just the past three years, Equity Trustees has distributed funds to the RCH on behalf of 63 charitable trusts,” said Mick O’Brien, Managing Director of Equity Trustees.

This includes The Hugh Williamson Foundation whose generous support continues to bring joy to patients with the meerkat enclosure, and provides world-leading analysis of walking disorders in the Hugh Williamson Gait Analysis Laboratory.

In 2020, Equity Trustees deepened their connection to become one of the Principal Partners of Me and UooUoo: The RCH150 Anniversary Art Trail.

“We are proud to be a Principal Partner of The RCH150 Art Trail.  We did not want to miss the opportunity to show our support and celebrate such a significant milestone of the hospital and we believe it will be an amazing opportunity to engage the community, adding to the energetic arts and cultural character of our city,” said Ian Westley, Executive General Manager, Private Clients at Equity Trustees.

The partnership will help deliver this major public art project and ultimately raise funds for the RCH. The organisation has also been actively involving their employees with internal communications and activities themed around the Art Trail and their sponsored UooUoo sculpture.

“Like many Victorians, staff at Equity Trustees have had experiences or connections with the RCH. We have been updating our employees with our fortnightly bulletin about the development of the Art Trail and have plans for fun competitions and challenges to get them and their families involved when the Art Trail is launched,” said Ian.

Thanks to the support of Equity Trustees and its clients, the RCH can continue delivering the very best healthcare to sick children and their families, and foster 150 more years of paediatric innovation.

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