1870 Virtual In Conversation | Prof. Julie Bines

Sue Hunt, Chief Executive Officer, the RCH Foundation and Professor Julie Bines host an inspiring virtual event discussing Julie’s incredible life-saving work across the world, protecting vulnerable babies from the rotavirus.

Rotavirus was discovered by RCH researchers in 1973. Highly contagious and resilient, the rotavirus causes severe diarrhoea, and is a leading cause of infant illness and death in developing nations. The creation of an affordable neonatal rotavirus vaccine, and the potential for this vaccine to be easily accessed globally, has the potential to save the lives of the world’s most at-risk children.

“Thanks to the support of the Victor Smorgon Charitable Fund, we’ve been working to help children of the world receive a safe and effective rotavirus vaccine. The aim of the RV3 rotavirus vaccine program is to prevent rotavirus gastroenteritis from the earliest possible opportunity – from birth. We have been so fortunate to leverage the Fund’s philanthropy to assist with support from others [including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation] to further impact on global child healthcare,” said Professor Bines.

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