Melton’s ceaseless generosity

Passionate and generous are two words that are synonymous with the Melton Country Club. For 16 years the Melton Country Club House Committee (MCCHC) has been tirelessly fundraising to support The Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH).

During this time, via weekly raffles, the committee has raised over $200,000 to support the Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

For Debra Carroll, who has been the President of the MCCHC for the past eight years, fundraising for RCH is particularly close to her heart.

During her teenage years Debra and her twin sister Belinda spent time at RCH, as they both suffered from slipped upper femoral epiphysis (SUFE), a condition that affects the hip joint.  At 11 years old, Debra and Belinda required surgery to insert titanium pins into their hips and underwent another surgery at 14 years old to remove the pins.

“We had displaced hips and spent some time at RCH on the adolescent ward.  Even though we weren’t there for a long time, everyone was amazing.  As we got older, we thought, we really want to pay it forward.”

Over the past two years the Committee has raised $15,000 annually, sponsoring two beds in the NICU.

“When the Committee first started fundraising for RCH our club was a lot smaller and we didn’t raise enough for bed sponsorship.  This then became something we strived for- it became our goal,” Debra said.

The Country Club now boasts over 4000 members and Debra says all of them are very passionate about supporting the hospital, and the wider community get behind the cause.

“If you mention the RCH in the Melton community, kids are in everyone’s hearts, so they are always generous.  As soon as we say we are raising money for the hospital, people are happy to part with some money.”

For the past fifteen years Donna Aranyi, Philanthropy Executive at the RCH Foundation has accepted the MCCHC donation at the Melton Country Club Christmas party and is continually humbled year-on-year by their passion and commitment to the NICU.

“I share a bond with this community, a bond founded upon gratitude and friendship; a bond that is representative of those who never give up despite challenging odds and those who are always more interested in helping others over themselves.

I cannot thank the Melton Country Club and the MCCHC enough, they are an inspiration to us all and the RCH is privileged to be embraced by this wonderful community of fundraisers,” said Donna.