Thank you Moondreamz

Article from 2019/2020 Impact of Giving Annual Report

For fundraiser Tim Brayshaw, the sky’s the limit. As the founder of the Moondreamz Foundation, Tim is passionately raising funds and awareness for children with brain-related diseases by supporting the RCH Neurology Department.

In 2017 Tim was working as a diesel mechanic in the Western Australian mines, where he felt unfulfilled and began searching for a new life purpose.

“A friend shared the story of her mother passing away from an aggressive form of brain disease. This prompted me to do some studying around children’s brain disease and I realised my life’s work was to inspire young people to follow their dreams, take safe risks and embrace adventure,” said Tim.

Tim returned to his home state of Victoria, settling in Ballarat and launching a clothing brand called Brainless Apparel in line with his new mission. Tim also began volunteering as a play therapist at the RCH, which allowed him to see firsthand the impact that fundraising and philanthropy has on the lives of children and their families receiving care at the hospital.

Tim has been shooting for the moon ever since, inspiring others to join his journey. So far, Moondreamz has raised over $45,000 with a range of successful fundraising initiatives including the donation of $2 from each sale of Brainless Apparel clothing.

2020 started as a big year for Moondreamz fundraising, with the inaugural Moondreamz Gala Ball bringing together the Ballarat community to raise over $17,000. Tim also bravely launched himself in a neoprene rocket into the Yarra River in front of 50,000 people for the Birdman Rally as part of the annual Moomba festival.

Despite COVID-19 putting a stop to many of Tim’s plans, Moondreamz has continued to inspire others to join the cause. Local Ballarat man Martin Anderson set up a free coffee stand outside his parent’s home to spread positivity in lockdown and collect donations for Moondreamz. Ballarat business Ragazzone also held karma coffee and cannoli events for the cause.

Tim has since relocated back to Western Australia for work but will continue raising funds to support children with neurological conditions at the RCH.

“Moondreamz has brought to my life incredible clarity and a feeling of joy. It makes my heart beat differently and this is something we can all feel through the act of giving back.”