Kids cafe fundraiser gives back

Eight year old Kobi is one determined fundraiser. With support from her family, Kobi created a pop-up café outside her home to raise funds for The Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH), all in support of babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

“Kobi has been pretty lucky that she hasn’t had to go to the RCH, but she wanted to do something for other children who are less fortunate, said Dad Ryan.

The family know all too well just how important the RCH can be. “My godchild Gracie was born premature so spent a lot of time in the hospital’s NICU. We have a strong family connection and appreciation of the hospital” said Ryan.

With the cause in mind, Kobi got creative with how she wanted to raise funds to help sick kids, baking goods to sell in Kobi Café, a pop-up stall set up outside her Aspendale home.

“Cafes are really popular, especially for coffee. But instead of selling one thing, I wanted to sell lots of stuff,” said Kobi.

Spreading the word to family, friends, classmates and her neighbourhood with flyers and online, Kobi Café was ready to go, with a fundraising goal of $50.

The menu at Kobi Café was extensive, with customers able to purchase a range of drinks from cordial, coffee and tea, and delicious homemade treats including biscuits, muffins and cupcakes. To balance out with some healthy options, Kobi also offered fruit salad, which was the most popular item.

“Everything was homemade, Kobi is an amazing baker. We sold out of all items which was incredible,” said Ryan.

The café featured a dine-in option with a table and chairs and ‘Proudly Supporting’ branding on all of her cups. To keep on top of health and safety, the pop-up café even followed a COVID-safe plan, with sanitiser on offer and gloves worn for serving food.

Incredibly, Kobi Café smashed its fundraising goal, raising a total of $293 to help babies like Gracie being cared for in the NICU.

“I felt very excited and happy when I found out the total raised,” said Kobi.

To other potential fundraisers, Kobi has these words of wisdom.

“Try your hardest and never give up! I did lots of planning with my Dad, it took a long time to get it just right but it was worth it,” said Kobi.

“I’m really proud of Kobi. It was a lot of work but she got everyone energised, her planning was so good that everyone knew what they had to do. It’s a really important cause to our family, so we’re so glad we can give back,” said Ryan.

Kobi plans on holding more fundraisers in the future and hopes to set up her next Kobi Café in the park during the school holidays.

Learn more about how you can fundraise for the RCH. Visit