A message to RCH Auxiliaries

Dear Auxiliaries,

I hope you are all keeping safe and well as we come out of our forth lockdown. I wanted to take this opportunity to personally reach out to you all with some updates from our team, including a message of thanks to you all.

Please watch the below video: 

Video Transcript:

Hello everyone, as we are coming out of our fourth lockdown, I just wanted to say hello to you and that I hope you and your families are staying safe and well. And also managing to enjoy a bit of our beautiful winter sunshine.

My thanks too to Laura and her Team Lucia Di Maio and Ari Brown for continuing on with the welfare checks to keep you all connected to the Hospital even though we are not able to go in just yet. But the good news is pods are opening up again on Monday 19 July and I know that Lucia has sent out expression of interest forms and I ask that you complete these and get them back to her as soon as possible.

I also wanted to let you know that we are in the process of planning for our Auxiliaries 100th year. It is very exciting and a small sub committee has been formed to plan all of our activities next year. We will give you more information in the next Auxiliaries Digest that should be out in the next couple of weeks. In that Digest, we will also be making the exciting announcement of all the Living Treasure Award recipients this year. They are again a wonderful group of recipients, well deserved and we will hopefully be able to celebrate their wonderful recognition in the coming months. The Digest will also be giving you details of our Annual General Meeting (AGM) which will be held late in August this year. The format will be very similar to last year. It’ll be online and hoping in a more conversational style to keep you updated with what’s been happening over the last 12 months.

So this is also a reminder, to please for Auxiliary Presidents, please get in your annual report paragraph based on the template Lucia sent you and if you are having any troubles at all please be in touch with Lucia whom I know will be really happy to help your paragraph together.

In the meantime, stay well, stay safe and we will be in touch again soon. All the very best, goodbye for now.

Dr Miriam (Mim) Weisz
President of RCH Auxiliaries