In Conversation Mental Health | July 2022

On Monday 18 July 2022, Sue Hunt AM, Chief Executive Officer, The Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) Foundation, hosted the In Conversation Mental Health event, shining a light on the number of vital mental health projects across the Melbourne Children’s campus being funded by philanthropy.

The event featured a panel of leading specialists who provide mental health support services to patients and their families at The Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH), and showcased a number of vital initiatives which are supported by philanthropy, including the RCH Gender Service, the COCOON Program and the Banksia Ward. Additionally, we shared an insight into the new Melbourne Children’s Mental Health Strategy, an ambitious multi year project that aims to provide a uniform and evidence-based approach to mental health prevention, care and advocacy for all patients and their families across the RCH campus.

To learn more or discuss your support of the projects mentioned by clinicians, or any projects of interest, please reach out to Ally Pekin, Manager, Individual Giving [email protected] or on (03) 9345 6815.