Meet 1870 Society member: Carol Wigney

Carol Wigney loves travelling. When she isn’t on a trip, you will find her pottering around in her garden, where she enjoys tending to her yuccas. She enjoys knitting, and each year crochets red and purple poppies for her local RSL to sell.

Carol is also a member of The 1870 Society, having shared her intentions to leave a gift in her Will to The Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) Foundation. Through her generous gift, Carol will have a lasting impact within the hospital, helping clinicians tackle the big health challenges and support patient care, now and into the future.

For Carol, leaving a gift in her Will to the RCH was the easiest decision she has ever made.

“Dad and his brothers all thankfully came home from the war, but they were expected to go back and live their lives as normal, which was really hard, especially after what they had experienced,” said Jeanette.

“A few years ago, I sat down to redo my Will after a few people who were originally in it passed away. I knew I wanted to do something with the money that would have an impact,” said Carol.

“I was never lucky enough to have any children. So, I decided it would be a great idea to give money to the RCH. That way, I would be helping countless children, more than I could have ever had in my life.”

Carol also discussed her wishes to include a gift in Will to the RCH, with her family. It was in that conversation that her nephew reminded her that his son, Carol’s great nephew, was a patient at the hospital when he was a baby.

“Shortly after my great nephew was born, a nurse noticed a small twitch he had. After a few tests, he was sent to the RCH and his parents were told he has a blood clot on the base of his skull. Thankfully, it dispersed by itself, and he was able to come home.”

“I didn’t know this when I added the hospital to my Will, but this story and their experience makes me feel so proud that my money will help children like him.”

Aside from knowing she will be leaving a lasting legacy for children, Carol’s favourite part about being a member of The 18

70 Society is being able to hear firsthand from clinicians about the impact that philanthropy has on the hospital.

“Because I am a member of The 1870 Society, I am invited to a number of insider events where clinicians talk about their work. I try not to miss any, as it is always so good to hear firsthand about their incredible work and what inspired them personally. You can just tell how much of their heart is in their work.”

When it comes to leaving a gift in your Will, Carol’s advice is simple – just do it.

“Even if you don’t have children or grandchildren, you will be helping other people’s children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews.”

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