Richard Leder OAM appointed Chairman of the RCH Foundation

The Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) Foundation is pleased to share that Richard Leder OAM has been appointed as the new Chairman of the RCH Foundation Board.

Richard is a trusted and respected leader, and has been Deputy Chairman at the RCH Foundation for almost 20 years. A senior lawyer specialising in commercial litigation and media law, Richard is a director of a number of notable Victorian boards and media organisations, and has been nationally recognised for his contribution to the community. Richard’s appointment follows the retirement of Peter Yates AM who has been Chairman since 2012.

“We’re thrilled that Richard has accepted the position of Chairman and will help shape the future of the RCH Foundation. Richard’s experience, including as a board member of The Conversation Media Group, the Melbourne Press Club and Australian Friends of Asha, in addition to his contribution to our Executive and Finance, Investment and Remuneration and Grants Committees, positions him as passionate leader of outstanding experience, and he truly exemplifies a commitment to the future of child and adolescent healthcare,” said Sue Hunt, Chief Executive Officer, the RCH Foundation.

Richard first joined the RCH Foundation Board in 1998 by invitation from then Executive Director, Brian Mallon. Since then, he has helped shape outstanding growth for the RCH Foundation. Richard played a key role in the establishment of the Grants Committee and the development of the rigorous granting program, leading to incredible clinical advancements, thought leadership and medical innovation across campus. Additionally, Richard helped establish the RCH Foundation’s Investment Committee, implementing a model of management which truly elevated the philanthropic impact of our community, enabling the RCH Foundation to fund bigger and more impactful projects both now and into the future.

Richard’s appointment marks the end of over a decade of exceptional leadership from outgoing Chairman, Peter Yates AM.

“During his time on the Board, Peter has been instrumental in advancing outcomes for the RCH Foundation both as a philanthropic body, as well as significantly expanding the impact of community generosity in advancing health outcomes for children globally. Additionally, his visionary leadership has led to incredible advancements and relationships across the Melbourne Children’s Campus, including the establishment of funding principles and processes, and the funding of innovative and ground-breaking research, programs, academic chairs and centres of excellence. I’m immensely grateful that he has stayed on to support us during the challenging time of the COVID-19 pandemic, and that he will continue to be part of the Investment Committee,” said Sue.

“Peter’s contribution has been extraordinary! He has worked incredibly hard behind the scenes to build the profile and impact of the RCH Foundation, bringing exceptional skills, experience, networks and knowledge to advance outcomes. I’ve had the privilege of working as his Deputy for a decade, and following in his footsteps is indeed daunting,” said Richard.

“I’m truly grateful for the opportunity to help lead the future of the RCH Foundation alongside Sue Hunt. Sue is an outstanding Chief Executive Officer and a fantastic leader, and it’s been great to watch her transform the organisation over the past 12 years. Her ability to understand the needs of the stakeholders, including the Board, Campus Partners and donors, is a true strength and one that will be vital in continuing to collaborate and grow the impact of philanthropy across campus. I truly believe that together we can help achieve incredible things for sick children,” said Richard.

Richard’s appointment as Chairman marks an exciting new chapter for the organisation, as he is joined by a number of new members including Dr Rowena Coutts, Chairman, the RCH; Associate Professor Michelle Telfer, RCH paediatrician, Director of Adolescent Medicine, and Director of the RCH Gender Service; Tiffany Lucas, President of the RCH Auxiliaries; and Wendy Norris, Deputy Chief Investment Officer, Private Markets at Future Fund. The appointments follow the retirement of directors The Hon Rob Knowles AO, Professor Fiona Newall, the Donald Ratcliffe and Phyllis McLeod Director of Nursing Research and Dr Miriam Weisz OAM, outgoing President of the RCH Auxiliaries, along with Andrew Shelton and Alisa Camplin-Warner AM.

“The RCH Foundation Board play a key role in the overall governance and leadership of the organisation, and I’m thrilled to be working alongside a team of exceptional board members. The board features an extraordinary cross section of Melbourne’s business community, and together with the Good Friday Appeal, we play a significant role in advancing and promoting the work on the hospital. Additionally, I’m constantly amazed about what’s achieved by the highly skilled staff at the RCH Foundation. The fact that this dedicated and hardworking team lead one of the biggest charities in Australia is exceptional, and I sincerely look forward to working together,” said Richard.

The future of paediatric healthcare looks bright, right cross campus. For over 150 years the RCH has built a reputation for the quality of care, clinical excellence, research, innovation and collaboration which has changed countless lives for children and young people across Victoria and the world. And the next chapter is just beginning.

“The healthcare needs of Victorian children are only going to keep growing, and the RCH Foundation is in the best possible position to support that future demand by enabling clinical excellence across campus. I’m looking forward to working with our campus partners and our donors to support this need, and to help create a world where all kids thrive,” said Richard.