Meet Bobby

Five-year-old Bobby has been bravely battling leukaemia.  

Diagnosed with the disease at the tender age of three, Bobby’s journey has been one of resilience and strength during his treatment.  

“As soon as we arrived at The Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH), it felt like we were surrounded by a warm hug despite this being one of the worst times of our lives,” shared Bobby’s mum Trudy. 

This sentiment speaks to the compassionate care and nurturing environment provided by the dedicated staff at the RCH.  

Trudy fondly recalls every staff member saying, “Bobby is safe, and we will take good care of him.” 

One of the bright spots during Bobby’s treatment was the kindergarten program at the hospital – one of the initiatives run by the RCH Foundation supported Education Institute. 

Trudy reflects on this, saying, “He absolutely loved kinder at the RCH. There weren’t many activities or people that Bobby warmed to when he was firstunwell, butreminding him he would be having kinder was my way to get him to be calm and come into the hospital.” 

The road to recovery has been challenging for Bobby and his family, but they have chosen to focus on the positives.  

Trudy shared, “We have had some horrible days, but we don’t dwell on them; we celebrate the good times.” This attitude has been their guiding light through the darkest moments. 

Looking ahead, Bobby and his family are eagerly anticipating his next milestones. Trudy shares their excitement, saying, “We are most excited about Bobby starting school next year and having his port removed.”  

Bobby’s journey is a testament to resilience and the importance of philanthropy at the RCH. Generous donations via the RCH Foundation are what help children like Bobby thrive. You too can assist via our donation page.