Announcement from The Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation

The Chair of the Board of the Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) Foundation, Richard Leder OAM and Sue Hunt AM, Chief Executive Officer today announced that, after a distinguished 13 years in the role, Sue has decided to step down from her role at the RCH Foundation effective March 2024.

Richard said, “In her time as Chief Executive Officer, Sue has transformed the RCH Foundation in ways that we would not have thought possible when she joined us. The outstanding income growth that she has generated, and the trusted and professional management that she has brought, has allowed us to support vital strategic and life-saving projects for the RCH.

“Through the Grants Program that Sue developed, the RCH Foundation has been able to respond to the emerging clinical needs of the hospital, its clinicians and families. This Program has also funded future-looking research projects such as GenV and development programs for young researchers, while also enabling the hospital to secure academic leaders to drive innovation. Under Sue’s leadership, the RCH Foundation has been a true partner in changing the future of child and adolescent health.

“Sue and I have worked closely together while she has been in the role, and I can personally say I have appreciated her dedication, support and professionalism during our time together. She has connected with many donors and fundraisers across the community and always brought her own caring approach to supporting them in their philanthropy,” Richard said.

Speaking of her tenure, Sue said, “I love the RCH and my work at the RCH Foundation so much, but it feels like a good time to pass the leadership on to the next person. The RCH Foundation is in a really strong place, with a stable, amazing team and Board, and a future focussed strategic growth agenda in place under the 2030 vision, which I was proud to develop with Richard, the Board and our Leadership Team.

“I will always carry the RCH Foundation and the RCH with me wherever I go, along with the amazing people I have worked with on the Board, in the RCH Foundation team, and all the partners and supporters who have made this job so rewarding. For the moment, I am really looking forward to seeing where I can next contribute to the Victorian community,” Sue said.

“On behalf of the RCH Foundation Board and staff, I would like to thank Sue, and Sue’s partner Rob, for her considerable contribution to the success of the RCH Foundation over the past 13 years. As Sue will be with us for some months, there will be plenty of time to farewell her properly. The RCH Foundation Board will now start work on recruiting a new Chief Executive Officer, with a focus on a smooth transition,” Richard said.

3 October 2023