Donna’s legacy

It is always a privilege to know an individual’s motivation for including a Gift in their Will to the RCH Foundation, but often, this story remains unknown. However, for Donna Dening, a celebrated author, teacher and historian, a message from a close friend revealed the reason behind her incredible legacy:  

“Donna and her husband Greg married late in life, and they had one pregnancy. Their son Jonathan was born in 1974, however he had a genetic condition which was not compatible with life. He was born at St Vincent’s hospital in Melbourne but was moved straight to the RCH. Jonathan lived about 10 days and Donna was able to go to the RCH to say goodbye to him. Of course, it was a dreadful situation, but she always remembered the kindness that your hospital showed.” – Virginia. 

You can make a difference in the lives of children and young people by leaving a Gift in your Will.