Meet Robyn Anderson OAM

“I think the loveliest thing you can do in life is to live the best you can and leave behind something that helps your memory live on.”

Robyn Anderson OAM has spent more than half of her life giving back to The Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) through the RCH Auxiliaries. And now, thanks to her commitment to leaving a Gift in her Will to the RCH Foundation, Robyn’s legacy of supporting sick children will continue well into the future. 

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?  

My name is Robyn Anderson. I am married to Stewart and have five children and nine grandchildren. Before having children, I worked as a Paralegal, but once our kids were born, I stayed home to raise them. I did an awful lot of volunteer work during those 18 years, including with my church, the children’s school, the Salvation Army and of course, the RCH.  

What is your connection to the RCH?  

I am currently the President and Secretary of CasKids the Auxiliary. We are one of 57 Auxiliary groups who raise funds for the hospital. I joined CasKids Auxiliary in 1971. I went along to a meeting with a girlfriend, and I never looked back. In the 52 years since becoming an Auxiliary member, I have held all the positions in my own Auxiliary. I was President of the Auxiliaries from 2013 to 2016 and have also received a Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) for my service to children through the hospital’s charitable organisations. Outside of the Auxiliaries, two of my children had an inguinal hernia when they were babies and were both treated at the RCH. Compared to other children, it was very minor for which I’m so grateful.  

Why was it important to you to leave a Gift in your Will to the RCH Foundation?  

It was important for me to support the RCH in some way. While taking care of my family was the most important thing, I have given my life to the hospital, so I wanted to continue to give back, even if it was just a small amount. In my 52 years of service, I have seen the value of Gifts in Will, so that’s the thing I came back to. My gift might not be millions, but if you add it to someone else’s $4,000, $5,000 or $15,000, it makes a difference. Stewart has also left a Gift in his Will. He didn’t have to, but he has seen how passionate I was about the hospital and the good it does, so he did.  

What would you say to someone thinking of leaving a Gift in Will to the RCH Foundation?  

In leaving a Gift in Will to the RCH Foundation, you are guaranteed that your money is going to do so much good for so many children, and that is a lovely feeling. For people like me who have spent many years supporting the RCH, it is also a way to ensure that our giving can go on, even after we’re gone. I think it’s so important for people to know that they don’t need to give a million dollars to make a difference, they just need to be willing to give something. Every little bit counts – every little bit can help the hospital to continue delivering excellent care to sick children. 

You can make a difference in the lives of children and young people by leaving a Gift in your Will.