Thank you Tapanda

Article from 2022/2023 Impact of Giving Annual Report

Tapanda is a Melbourne based, nationally operating service provider that offers assessment and repair solutions across the insurance and fleet sectors. Their commitment to supporting the RCH Foundation not only reflects their corporate values but also stems from deep personal connections.

As fathers, it was an easy decision for Tapanda Directors Christos Gonis and Rod Wood to support the RCH Foundation. They understand the importance of being part of something bigger that positively impacts children, especially under challenging circumstances.

“We sought to find a Foundation that diligently supports their community, often in ways that might go unnoticed but remain critically important,” said Christos.

By sponsoring a bed in both the Banksia and Kookaburra Wards, Tapanda has been able to make a vital difference to the lives of sick children and their families at the RCH, while fostering a culture of compassion and philanthropy within their organisation. “There is a genuine sense of pride amongst our team when it comes to this support, and we take the opportunity to recognise and celebrate the support as often as we can internally. The opportunity to be able to give is truly the greatest gift you can receive,” said Christos.

Tapanda hopes to grow its current level of support for the RCH through the bed sponsorship program and in other ways.

“Our organisation has witnessed significant growth in the last 12 months. As our team grows, we continue to explore ways in which our support can increase, and also where we can involve our broader team in the support we provide within new opportunities and initiatives,” explained Christos.

Christos warmly recommends the RCH Foundation’s Bed Sponsorship Program to other organisations looking to give back.

“For other organisations seeking to make a daily impact and difference, the RCH Foundation is an exceptional choice that should not be overlooked,” he said.