Applicants should understand the key dates and deadlines below when submitting a grant proposal.

The following deadlines are in place to allow enough time to review and prepare your proposal for consideration by the relevant RCH Philanthropic Funding Proposals Committee, the RCH CEO and the RCH Foundation Grants Committee. Leaving the application to the deadline date my result in delays, putting your application at risk of missing the RCH Foundation Grants Committee meeting which means you have another three-month wait before it can be considered again.

MCRI online Funding Proposal Submission DeadlineRCH and UoM online Funding Proposal Submission Deadline RCH Foundation Grants Committee Meetings 2024
Wednesday 17 January 2024Wednesday 17 January 2024March 2024
Wednesday 27 March 2024Wednesday 10 April 2024June 2024
Wednesday 26 June 2024Wednesday 10 July 2024September 2024
Wednesday 25 September 2024Wednesday 2 October 2024December 2024

RCH Proposals

Applicants submitting a proposal for a non-research application will need to complete an RCH Expression of Interest (EOI) form. Please download and edit a local version of the EOI template. This template is designed to support a structured conversation with your Chief/Executive Director before you progress to completing a full proposal form.

A completed EOI, including the signed template and assessment rubric must be uploaded before you can progress to the proposal form. Exceptions will be managed by the RCH CEO, relevant Chiefs and Divisional Executive Directors separately.

If you require assistance with or have feedback regarding the RCH EOI process, please contact the Strategy Team at [email protected].


MCRI Proposals

Research proposals and other proposals administered by MCRI can only be considered after undergoing an MCRI internal review process, this includes an EOI process and Theme Director review before applying online.

Applicants should contact the Engagement and Philanthropy office via email [email protected] with the subject line RCHF proposal enquiry. Enquiries must be made a minimum of six weeks ahead of the submission deadline.