Applicants should understand the key dates and deadlines when submitting a grant application to ensure their portion of the process is completed in a timely manner.

The submission deadlines are in place to allow enough time to review your proposal. Leaving submissions until the last RCH deadline could result in delays, putting your application at risk of missing the RCH Foundation Grants Committee meeting. Applicants need to ensure their proposal for funding is submitted within sufficient time to be reviewed internally for approval by the RCH ahead of formal submission to the RCH Foundation.

Once submitted to the RCH Foundation – proposals up to and including $50,000 are considered by the RCH Foundation Chief Executive Officer on a monthly basis.

Proposals with a total value over $50,000 are considered by the RCH Foundation Grants Committee who meet quarterly as above.

RCH Online Funding Proposal Submission Form due RCH Philanthropic Funding Proposal Committee Meeting (all proposals reviewed)RCH Foundation Committee Meeting ($50,000+ considered)
16 September 20194 November 2019March 2020
14 October 20192 December 2019
2 December 20193 February 2020
13 January 20202 March 2020 June 2020
17 February 20206 April 2020
16 March 20204 May 2020
13 April 20201 June 2020September 2020
18 May 20206 July 2020
15 June 20203 August 2020December 2020
20 July 20207 September 2020
17 August 20205 October 2020
14 September 20202 November 20202021 Dates TBC
19 October 20207 December 2020