Applicants should understand the key dates and deadlines below when submitting a grant application to ensure their portion of the process is completed in a timely manner.

The following deadlines are in place to allow enough time to review and prepare your proposal for consideration by the RCH Philanthropic Funding Proposals Committee, the RCH CEO and the RCH Foundation Grants Committee. Leaving the application to the deadline date my result in delays, putting your application at risk of missing the RCH Foundation Grants Committee meeting which means you have another three-month wait before it can be considered again.

Once submitted to the RCH Foundation, proposals up to and including $50,000 are considered by the CEO’s of both the RCH and the RCH Foundation – usually monthly.

Proposals (and variations) over $50,000 are considered by the RCH Foundation Grants Committee who meet quarterly as detailed below.

MCRI online Funding Proposal Submission DeadlineRCH and UoM online Funding Proposal Submission Deadline RCH Philanthropic Funding Committee RCH Foundation Grants Committee Meetings 2023
Tuesday 14 March 2023Tuesday 28 March 2023Tuesday 20 June 2023
Wednesday 26 April 2023Friday 12 May 2023Tuesday 20 June 2023
Wednesday 5 July 2023Monday 24 July 2023Wednesday 20 September 2023
Tuesday 25 July 2023Friday 11 AugustWednesday 20 September 2023
Tuesday 26 September 2023Tuesday 3 October 2023Friday 27 October 2023Wednesday 29 November 2023

MCRI Proposals

Research proposals and other proposals administered by MCRI can only be considered after undergoing an MCRI internal review process, this includes a Expression of Interest process and Theme Director review before applying online. Applicants should contact the Engagement and Philanthropy office via email [email protected] with the subject line RCHF proposal enquiry. Enquiries must be made a minimum of six weeks ahead of the submission deadline.