Sharing the impact

Acquittal reporting is an important part of the grants process.

These reports are the primary conduit through which the RCH Foundation receives and shares exciting news about hospital projects. It also helps the RCH Foundation ensure donated funds have been used in the way outlined and approved in the grant application process.

Information shared in acquittal reports can be distributed to key audiences like:

  • Trusts and foundations through which funding was obtained for official reporting purposes
  • Donors invested in the outcomes of projects
  • RCH and RCH Foundation supporters interested in hospital innovation.

Recent improvements have been made to the acquittal reporting process to align with the online grant application process. Reports will now be submitted online.

The Acquittal Report consists of two sections:

  • An online report on the outcomes and impact of your grant
  • A comprehensive financial report detailing grant expenditures. Complete the template and upload it to the online form where prompted.

The grant contact will receive via email a link to the online report and the financial report template one month, as well as one week prior to the acquittal report due date.

Submitting your acquittal

Acquittal reports fulfil three key requirements for the RCH, the RCH Foundation and donors:

  1. Demonstrating accountability for expenditure of the grant via a full financial acquittal
  2. Describing outcomes and impacts of the project
  3. Providing reflective assessment of various aspects of project design and execution that assists learning for the grant recipient, the RCH and the RCH Foundation.

It is the responsibility of the grantee, in conjunction with the relevant Head of Department and Management Accountant, to provide an acquittal report. All reports must be submitted as per the following deadlines:

  • Equipment: three months after purchase/installation
  • Research/Project with 12 month support: three months after the end of the funding term
  • Research/Project with multi-year support: at the end of the yearly term, plus a final report three months after the end of the funding term.

Follow up

The RCH Foundation frequently features grants news via:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • RCH Foundation News, our monthly online newsletter
  • Hands Up for Our Children, our printed newsletter
  • The Impact of Giving, our annual report
  • The Auxiliaries Annual Report, sharing what the RCH Auxiliaries are funding.

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