Benefits of joining an Auxiliary

The most exciting fundraising ideas can come to fruition through an Auxiliary.

The RCH Auxiliaries network is designed to support your fundraising to be as successful as possible.


Opportunities for Auxiliary Members

In addition to your own creative fundraising initiatives, as an Auxiliary member you will have access to a wide range of opportunities including:

  • ready made fundraising initiatives, like Cuppa for Kids
  • a selection of retail fundraising opportunities, including markets, expos, and stalls
  • opportunities to connect with the hospital community by volunteering at the RCH Shop
  • regular awareness and fundraising opportunities on Auxiliary pods at the hospital
  • development and training opportunities
  • a dedicated Auxiliaries Office team to provide support and advice
  • invitations to exclusive events, seminars and ‘behind-the-scenes’ experiences
  • a strong Auxiliaries community with extensive experience and resources
  • a comprehensive award and recognition program for long service and exceptional commitment to supporting the hospital
  • an inspiring history of more than 95 years of community fundraising

How you can help

Using creative talents and entrepreneurship skills, there are many ways you can contribute as an Auxiliary member:

  • retail and customer service experience might make you the perfect addition to an Auxiliary that runs stalls, markets and pop-up shops
  • if you are a designer, craftsperson or a chef, you can create handcrafted items
  • if you’re an experienced event coordinator or just know how to throw a great party, you could help organise fundraising events
  • you might have a business that could assist an Auxiliary in a practical way
  • your professional network might respond well to social engagement ideas
  • stay-at-home parents and retirees might have some spare time and a desire for a new challenge
  • you could use your skills as a leader or influencer to inspire people and raise awareness of important fundraising projects that require support
  • your skills in administration, marketing, public relations etc. could offer invaluable support to an Auxiliary.

Whatever your skills, if you have a team attitude and a strong spirit of giving, your contribution will make a difference.

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