Absent Friends Auxiliary

Raising funds to provide funds for wish list items, giving the RCH Foundation the flexibility to best meet the most pressing needs of the hospital at any time.

Area: South Eastern Suburbs

The story so far

Absent Friends Auxiliary was founded in 2010 by Lynette Lewis. Lyn and her sister had been organising friends and family to collect money each year in Croydon at traffic intersections during the Good Friday Appeal for many years. Since the passing of her sister, Janet, it had always been Lyn’s goal to found an auxiliary to continue her support for The Royal Children’s Hospital. This dream came to fruition in 2010 with the establishment of Absent Friends Auxiliary.

What we are working on

Though it is quite a new auxiliary, Absent Friends is passionate about raising funds for the RCH, contributing towards wish list items. This involves raising funds for the Foundation that will be allocated to the most pressing equipment requirements at any time. This allows the Foundation to be flexible in reponse to the needs of the hospital.

Office bearers

President: Lyn Lewis
Vice President: John Lewis
Secretary: Lyn Lewis
Treasurer: Pam Aitken


Lyn Lewis

0421 082 431

[email protected]