American Womens Association

Raising funds for wish list items, which gives the RCH Foundation the flexibility to meet the most pressing needs of the hospital at any one time.

The story so far

The American Women’s Association was established over 80 years ago as an opportunity to bring American women and friends of America living in Melbourne together. The AWA has come a long way from its humble beginnings in 1931. Today, the AWA is the RCH’s second oldest auxiliary and one of the largest.

With the support of our generous sponsors, the AWA has raised over $4 million dollars, including $1.44 million dollars in the past 10 years alone. This money has provided funds to purchase much-needed medical equipment. Since the beginning, the AWA has been guided by the hospital as to where its efforts and funds are most needed. Throughout the years, it has been directed to assist in different ways such as knitting booties for sick children, transporting hospital patients, buying specific equipment and now partnering in research.

In August 2011, the RCH requested that the AWA partner with and contribute the funds we raise over the next three years to the Children’s Bioethics Centre. This three-year commitment will help the Children’s Bioethics Centre conduct world class research and help the RCH remain on the cutting-edge of medicine.

What we are working on

Our Vision: To help make a difference in the lives of others.

The AWA does this by raising funds for the Royal Children’s Hospital and providing opportunities for Americans to connect with one another and celebrate their cultural heritage.

Our purpose is two-fold. As an Auxiliary to the Royal Children’s Hospital, we support the RCH through fundraising and volunteer efforts. As a social organisation, we provide friendship and support to both new and long-time members.

Who are our members?

The AWA’s membership is dynamic and diverse. We are young and old, working and non-working, single and partnered, with children and without. We currently have over 230 members.

Most of our members are women who are American citizens or the spouses/de facto partners of American citizens. However, women of all nationalities residing in Australia are eligible for membership.

AWA members volunteer their time and contribute membership fees that cover all operating costs, allowing the AWA to commit every dollar raised directly to The Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne.

We hold several fundraising events each year, with our most successful fundraising event being our Halloween Extravaganza.

In addition to our fundraisers, the AWA also holds a number of social events each year in order to promote friendship and collaboration amongst our members.

The AWA also supports the RCH through volunteer service in the Gift Shop and at the Starlight Craft Room.

Click here for more information on becoming a member of the American Women’s Association.

Office bearers

President: Paula Appelhans
Secretary: Irena Karoblyie Bauer
Treasurer: Raishel Jones


Paula Applehans

0451 064 655

[email protected]