BEADS Auxiliary

Main funding purpose: the Rheumatology Unit at the RCH.

The story so far

BEADS (Beat Every Autoimmune Disease Successfully) Auxiliary was established in 2012 by Jasmine Lai, in memory of her daughter Elaine. Together, they committed to raising awareness for and combating the effects of autoimmune diseases like arthritis, type 1 diabetes and thyroiditis.The Auxiliary was formed with the assistance of Jo Buckle, Rheumatology Department Administrator. To raise initial funds, one of the founding members, Gayle Cusick, set up a stall at her local shopping centre and market to sell the RCH Tote Bags. The sale of the Tote Bags continues to be a major fundraising initiative of the Auxiliary. They also benefit from direct donations via their members’
contacts and networks. The Auxiliary raises funds for research and support for the Rheumatology Department at the RCH.

Office bearers

President: John Humphreys
Treasurer: Jasmine Lai


Jasmine Lai

0421 336 313

[email protected]