Brimbank ToRCH Auxiliary

Main funding purpose: Neurology research 

The story so far

Founded in 2003, Brimbank ToRCH raises funds to support a fellowship position in the Neuroscience Unit. A group of university students established the Auxiliary after spending time collecting donations during the Good Friday Appeal. They decided they wanted to do more to support the hospital and donate in a regular, formal way. In the first year their goal was to raise $5,000 – by holding stalls, movie nights, selling chocolates and roadside collecting – which was easily exceeded. They also propagated and sold garden plants at stalls. Relationships with some schools and publicity in local newspapers resulted in more members and increased support. Activities extended to the Victorian RCH Winery Tour which was enthusiastically embraced by members, friends and guests. Tin rattling on Good Friday has continued each year and been a major fundraising effort. The collecting involved members of the Papagianopoulos, Moore, Gunther, Petricevic and Sinclair families, with parents, siblings, cousins and friends all chipping in to make collecting all day feasible.

Office bearers

President: Justin Moore
Secretary: Erin Moore
Treasurer: Cameron Petricevic


Cameron Petricevic

03 9676 9319

[email protected]