Broadmeadows Auxiliary

Raising funds for wish list items, which gives the RCH Foundation the flexibility to best meet the most pressing needs of the hospital at any one time.

Area: Essendon and surrounding areas

The story so far

Broadmeadows Auxiliary was founded in 1967 by a group of families and friends who contribute personal time to support the children and the work of the hospital. The Broadmeadows Auxiliary runs raffles, book stalls and donate goods to the hospital stalls.

What we are working on

Broadmeadows Auxiliary has established an ongoing relationship with many craft producers around Melbourne, accepting donations of beautiful knitware that can be seen for sale at many of the suburban weekend markets. Broadmeadows Auxiliary uses the funds raised from its fundraising events and stalls to contribute to the RCH Foundation’s wish list, funding programs and equipment.

Office bearers

President: Janice Memery
Secretary: Faye Eccles
Treasurer: Christine Boden


Janice Memery

0419 554 243

[email protected]