Charli’s Angels Auxiliary

Main funding purpose: Area of greatest need

The story so far

Charli’s Angels Auxiliary was named in honour of Charlotte Pope, who was diagnosed with a rare form of lymphoma and underwent years of cancer treatment at RCH when she was four years old.

Charlotte’s mum Susan, along with a group of mums whose children also attended the Mount Eliza Kindergarten with Charlotte, were inspired to fundraise to provide more music therapy hours on the Oncology Ward after hearing how much Charlotte loved the program.

Fundraising started with Live Music in Hospitals events, and quickly expanded to include champagne and beauty nights and luncheons. In 2006 the Auxiliary teamed up with Hush Music for Kids and aRCHer’s Auxiliaries and shared the proceeds from joint events held. Early on, a connection was made with Peninsula Grammar School who put together the most amazing array of Easter Egg hampers and the Auxiliary was invited to participate in the school’s Christmas Market.

The biggest fundraiser for the Auxiliary has been selling second handbooks at markets at the RCH, and to this day, Charli’s Angels runs a wide variety of charity events around the Mornington Peninsula. Since the Music Therapy Program has become fully funded at the hospital, the Auxiliary has expanded its fundraising focus, raising money to support the Pain Management Department, funding purchases for distraction therapy. More recently, in conjunction with Children’s Brain Tumour Association Auxiliary, the Auxiliary has been funding a program which maps a child’s cognitive development following chemotherapy and/or radiation treatment called ALLaboard.

Office bearers

President: Sue Manson
Secretary and Treasurer: Alison Orum


Alison Orum

0409 381 506

[email protected]